A Year in Review: Wedding Edition

When I was younger, I used to measure a year by daylights, by midnights, by sunsets, and cups of coffee, in inches, in miles, in laughter, and smiles. This was when I listened to the RENTsoundtrack on repeat and before I hit my late-twenties and began measuring my year in weddings. There was that first […]

(No) Fear

Ms. Long Time No Blog, Inevitably, whenever I lost in a tennis tournament, during the long and often uncomfortable car ride home, I would tell my father all of the things I was going to do to improve my game—I was going to practice my second serve more so that I could eliminate all of […]

I Saw The Sign

Well Hello There Modellian, I hope that this finds you well. I know that it’s been a while, and I have no explanation for my absence. Yet instead of sitting here making excuses or recounting the last few months because I was probably with you for most of it— instead, I would like to tell […]

One Thing To Add

M, While I’m not endorsing either side, just take into account that Lena’s army now contains Malia Obama. It upped her Q score immensely. That’s all for now, Powergrrl* *This was my AOL screenname in 1997. It’s on point with Ravergirl. (It would have been funnier if I had done a footnote here, but I […]

A Not So Swift Reply

Ms. Raver, I doubt I’ll be able to respond to all of your questions, but I’ll do my best to quickly respond to the ones to which I have a quick response or, frankly, something upon which to say (was that sentence English? I hope so. The phrases “to which [insert stuff]” and “something upon […]

A Swift Reply

Why Hello There Modellian, I am so happy to hear from you and to hear that all it takes is Taylor Swift to snap you out of a coma, free you from the shackles of corporate law, and get your fat fingers typing. This sounds like the most excellent of shows, and to your list, […]

Rocking Out to Girl Power!

Ms. Thompson, Surprise! I am alive. As you know, on Monday evening, a friend and I joined 44,998 other Swifties and descended upon Nats Stadium in your nation’s capital. It would be a lie if I told you I had ever been in a crowd full of such devoted fans to well, just about anything—not […]

Status Quo

Dearest Modellian, I didn’t win the inn. Did I tell you that I entered that contest a while back to win a hotel in Maine? Was it your idea that I do it? Well, I didn’t win. I don’t know who the winner is yet because they’re keeping it all under wraps until he or […]

Wow, I’ve Never Seen That

Modellian, Are you ready to get your mind blown? So, I have this stubborn habit of not seeing movies that everyone else has seen and has societally (or, more likely, socioeconomically) agreed to love. Some examples that are deeply engrained in the consciousness of people our age include Fight Club, the aforementioned Shawshank, and Seven. […]