Modellian is tall and Canadian and plays tennis and eats food and reads a lot and knows how to knit and runs and dances (sometimes in the dark) and likes hoodies and video games.

The Girl Who Keeps Changing Her Name is average-sized and American(ish) and watches tennis and eats food and reads (gossip magazines and books) and is trying to learn how to crochet and has a bad knee and dances (a lot) and likes hoodies and once owned the original Nintendo but only ever had the 3-in-1 game that came with the console (Super Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt, and World Class Track Meet).

We Blogged It is an awesome blog started by awesome people after a series of many ideas that never materialized. Fine, we didn’t buy that condo in the old folks’ part of Florida (yet) or eat at all 16 places on NY Mag‘s secret brunch list (yet) or run the Brooklyn Half together (though one of us is in May while the other one will likely be sitting and eating and drinking– guess who’s who), but we did sort of learn how to use the internet (though one of us was much more savvy coming into it than the other– again guess who’s who). We love the internet and figured that we spend enough time reading it and sharing it with each other (and a lovely group of others) and making both snarky and brilliant comments about it that we might as well contribute to it. We also love good grammar and figure this would be an appropriate forum to demonstrate this adoration.

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