One Thing To Add

M, While I’m not endorsing either side, just take into account that Lena’s army now contains Malia Obama. It upped her Q score immensely. That’s all for now, Powergrrl* *This was my AOL screenname in 1997. It’s on point with Ravergirl. (It would have been funnier if I had done a footnote here, but I […]

A Not So Swift Reply

Ms. Raver, I doubt I’ll be able to respond to all of your questions, but I’ll do my best to quickly respond to the ones to which I have a quick response or, frankly, something upon which to say (was that sentence English? I hope so. The phrases “to which [insert stuff]” and “something upon […]

A Swift Reply

Why Hello There Modellian, I am so happy to hear from you and to hear that all it takes is Taylor Swift to snap you out of a coma, free you from the shackles of corporate law, and get your fat fingers typing. This sounds like the most excellent of shows, and to your list, […]

Rocking Out to Girl Power!

Ms. Thompson, Surprise! I am alive. As you know, on Monday evening, a friend and I joined 44,998 other Swifties and descended upon Nats Stadium in your nation’s capital. It would be a lie if I told you I had ever been in a crowd full of such devoted fans to well, just about anything—not […]