Hi Modellian, While you are busy listening/watching/singing along/chair dancing to Ella Henderson, let me tell you about some of the great things that have happened to me this week. It is only Tuesday, but I am presently winning at life on multiple fronts. Strap on your seatbelt and make sure your shoelaces are tied tightly […]

Stark Raving

Mod, I am effing mad! I too am mad that I can’t run one full lap around the Park and basically, at this point, can’t last a mile without feeling like I am having an asthma/heart/anxiety attack. Even though I have the cute running tights and the insane colored shoes and the moisture-wicking hat (I went […]

Are You Mad At or With March?

Ms. Two-a-Days, I am half-way through seven different blog entries and while it would make sense to finish one, I find myself unable to revisit my half-formed thoughts on the Williamsburg Russian Hipster Dervish giving hope to all Knicks fans or the fact that Instagram has become a place teeming with before and after photos […]


Oh hey Modellian, So you’re back? I thought you were dead. Or fallen into a deep, crazy literary rabbit hole, like Jeff Daniels in The Door in the Floor or Mikhail Barishnykov in the last season of Sex and the City. Do not disturb the creative genius. But, it turns out, that you have been […]