Out And About

Dearest Modellian, Happy End of 2014, which may go down in history as the worst year ever. I just want to drop a quick line to wish you well and see how the far north is treating you. As much as I hate talking about the weather, is it cold enough for you? Even though […]

Eye of the Tiger (Timely Post)

Hey There Modellian, Again, my apologies. As indicated in my last post, I’ve been in a weird space. With the deterioration of the world, a legitimate post-marathon ennui, the Costa Concordia of my place of employment, the fact that I cannot wear flip flops for the next several months, and that it is dark literally […]

Live From New York

Dearest Modellian, I am trying to write, but everything sounds so trivial in comparison to what is going on outside. I don’t feel as if I have anything new or eloquent to add to the discourse, and for this, I feel ignorant, illiterate, and shallow. But I am reading everything I can and and am […]