Apple Bottom Jeans

Dearest Modellian, Wow, you sure know how to follow directions. When I asked you to tell me about Comic Con, I did not expect the level of detail that you just (many days ago) described. It sounds like it was a raucous (and expensive) time. I apologize for the delayed response; that is not appropriate […]

The Greatest Show on Earth

Ms. Flash, Congratulations on the Staten Island Half. I wonder if you ran so quickly because you were excited to run into the baseball stadium at the very end. I remember watching the Beijing Olympics and being so jealous of all of the marathon runners who had the chance to enjoy those last few hundred […]

Diary of a Mad (Running) Woman

Holy Moly Super Modellian, Did you survive Comic Con? Can one get destroyed by Comic Con? I figured in lieu of yammering on about how my life again is one neverending episode of Mindy, I’d tell you about where the hell I’ve been and what the hell I’ve been doing and why the hell I […]