Stars– They’re Just Like Us!

Hip Hop Hooray Modellian! The summer is just flying by, isn’t it? Thanks for reintroducing the list back into my life. I love lists, and I love learning new things about you. You really are obsessed with America Ninja Warrior, aren’t you? I don’t really get the allure of it, I must say. It seems […]

Some Things About Me You May Not Know

You, I have been delinquent as always, once again re-solidifying my inability to keep any New Year’s resolutions. I wonder why I even bother given that every summer, right around this time, as if I’m going through my dozenth sophomore slump (or is this where the origins of the Dog Days of Summer comes from?), […]

S.O.S. (Rescue Me)

Hi Modellian, I have a question for you. On a scale of one to ten, how much do you hate me? It’s a weird and uncomfortable question, I know. And I hope that you hate me very little, even if I have become increasingly delinquent on our dear blog. You seem like a geniunely nice person […]