She’s Back In A New York Minute

Well, Hello Mrs. Ross! Well, Hello Mr. Rachel! It’s nice to hear from you. I had high aspirations of blogging all week while on vacation, assuming that I would be completely relaxed and inspired and that this would be an excellent time to catch up on my writing. I think we’ve fallen a bit out […]

The Myths of America and Other Thoughts

Ms. America, I know that this post is at least a week overdo, but such are the tragedies of the existence of the overworked (though appropriately paid). I apologize for the hyperbole, though wonder where such hyperbole exists in the previous sentence and whether I should scrap this whole paragraph completely. But, as many writing […]

From Sea To Shining Sea

Hey Modie, Happy Belated Canada Day! I was going to write you salutations or congratulations or well wishes on the actual day, but seeing as I had never actually heard of Canada Day until Tuesday, I figured it would just open the door to the ignorance of my soul. Good thing there’s a pretty straightforward […]

Happy Far North American Day Eh!

American Gangster, I’m glad that you were able to get out to the beach as often as you did a week ago. I hope that trend continued this week, though from what I recall, you were camping. And while I know people sometimes do camp near the ocean, when I imagine what you meant by […]