Is May a Month for Musings?

Lumpia Maker, I owe you an entry about that silly 13.1 mile run that took place last weekend in the borough that thinks it is the hippest of the five, but as I mentioned to you over dinner this past week, there is nothing I could write about that I have not already told you […]

Run Fast For Your Mother…

Modello! Turns out that I can’t, in fact, keep a secret. What initially was a stealth plan to run yesterday’s great Brooklyn Half Marathon in secret and then orchestrating to run past you on the race course or surprising you at the finish line with a Boom! I told you I would never run it but here I […]

101 Days of Happy

Happy Thursday Modelli, While I must admit that I am not nearly as educated as I should be any Antarctic/polar melting and/or general global warming and/or anything related to science, I will say that the general melting of the Earth, the floods, the hurricanes, the quakes, the heat, the whatever is most certainly a cause […]

Is the World Going to End?

Ms. New York Circumnavigatress, Please ignore the hyperbole and alarmism from the title of this post, but did you read all about the melting of the Antarctic ice caps (I presume, whether intelligently or not, that I could have easily written Polar ice caps, but Antarctic is more precise. Maybe? Fact-checker? Do we have one? […]


Hi Moder, On Saturday, I went for a walk. A long walk. A 32 mile walk. Around the perimeter of Manhattan. Why walk 32 miles, you might ask? Honestly, I’m not sure, but maybe you could ask this guy? But it was one of the cooler and noteworthy things that I’ve done as of late, […]