Space Chutney

Hey Model Loan (via iPhone autocorrect), You’ve gotten me all wrong. I love our blog and our 12 readers (or 10 readers minus me and you). All I meant is that I have severe attention deficit disorder and, as a result, have a manic tendency of starting things and never finishing them. Like the knitting […]

Raptors Fan 4 Life

Dear Lifelong Knicks Fan, I hope that in your desire to get into basketball again, you follow Spike Lee’s lead and stay loyal to the Knicks even though it would be so easy, and arguably OK, for you to join in with the Brooklyn mob. While I understand and accept recent transplants to the city […]

Lukewarm Feelings and Basketball

Hello Modsy Bogues, Sorry I haven’t been around much, but I too have been busy obsessing over the NBA playoffs! Just kidding. I’m totally not watching the NBA playoffs. (Thanks anyway for making the Bachelor analogy—man, I miss it—and I wasn’t going to mention it, but since you brought it up—did you hear about the […]

15 Nanoseconds of Fame

Ms. Anders Celsius, I cannot promise that this post is going to be coherent given the lack of sleep (or at least the lack of sleep at the beginning of this post given that there is a good chance I will take a nap before finishing it), but I nonetheless will try to write to […]

A Goose Is Getting Fat

Happy April Modellian, Do you remember that rhyme from when we were kids? “Christmas is coming, a goose is getting fat/Please put a penny in the old man’s hat/If you haven’t got a penny, a half penny will do/If you haven’t got a half penny then God bless you!”? I imagine several things: 1) that […]

Some Words Are Better Than None, Right?

Ms. Cynthia Gregory, I have been feeling restless lately and I cannot explain why. The outdoors seems to beckon to me, but not the outdoorsy outdoors because who really likes replacing toilet paper with leaves? Walking around the city has been more annoying as of late because the sidewalks seem full of people strolling instead […]