40 Days

Moder, While my love of Jeopardy! is real and deep, I am not sure if I can justify four posts in a row on the subject. However, your mentioning of your high school friend who had a brief and recent appearance on the show brought back memories of when one of my college classmates won […]

Jeopardy, The Family Game Show

Ms. O’Donnell, I’m writing to you from my laptop on the subway, not because I am foolish enough to think that New York will ever catch up with the rest of the world and have Wi-Fi everywhere, but because I saw someone writing on the subway last evening and thought to myself, “That seems like […]

For The Love Of The Game

Welcome Back Modellian, So nice to hear from you, and thank you for bringing up Jeopardy! I love Jeopardy! and always have. Growing up, I was never allowed to watch TV during dinner unless it was Jeopardy!— my parents considered it to be educational television– and even now, it’s usually the one show upon which we can […]

I’ll Use My Lifeline

Ms. Philbin, Thank you for being my lifeline when it comes to this blog and oh so many other things. I have a number of half-written blog entries, things that fizzle out after the initial excitement of the first few sentences. I think that is likely why I have come to embrace your love of […]

Black Swan

Bonjour Modelliène, As you know, I have been taking ballet classes for the last few months. It was on my “19 Things To Do Before You’re 31” bucket list and has now been consuming my nights and weekends quite regularly. For someone who has a terrible habit of stopping and starting things on the regular, […]