My So-Called Life

Ms. Rossellini, Our talk about Jared Leto, circa My So Called Life when he sings about his car named Red and not his current incarnation as Oscar-buzz actor and teeny bopper band member (I actually have not seen him in Dallas Buyers Club nor have I heard anything by 30 Seconds to Mars, so I […]


Modellian, I’m sure you were expecting some follow up on my lengthy Olympics rant from yesterday. All I have to say is that I am kind of obsessed with the slopestyle skier from Sweden who looks like Little John. His clothing is the bane of his existence, aerodynamically speaking, but I dig that he has […]

You Asked For It

Hello Modellski Jump, You are absolutely right—the Olympics are a blogger’s dream! And maybe that’s why I haven’t written about them because 1) I don’t think having three readers classifies one as a blogger, and 2) all anyone is talking about is the Olympics! Blah blah blah toilets blah blah blah dirty water blah blah […]

Yadda Yadda Yadda

Hey Modellian, Is it raining and gross enough for you? I don’t know what a puddle jumper is, but I both felt like one and also wish that I had one this morning. Things that are not advisable to wear in this weather: open-toed stilettos, Converse, Uggs (I know how much you love them), pants […]