Marinara Is To Die For

Good Evening Gotta Go to Mo-dellian, While I do have a profound and insatiable love for ranch dressing (again, is a dressing a sauce? I just don’t know anymore), referring to me as a so-called “Ranch Sauce Lover” sounds absolutely porny and gross. Just briefly, I grew up in the land of gourmet food and […]

Happy MLK Day!

Ms. Ranch Sauce Lover, When I was a kid, I used to get Martin Luther and Martin Luther King confused all the time. I suspect that many foreigners subject to British/European centric educational systems at the very minimum think of the Protestant figure when they hear the name Martin Luther King Jr. Anyways, I picked […]

Homeland: A Treatise (Not Really)

So Modellian, I just re-read your little blurb about Homeland, and I have a few thoughts, even though discussing it now, one month after the Season Three finale, seems a bit off brand. First off, congrats to you and, I am assuming (presuming? Are they synonymous?), the Girl Who Likes Noodles, on blowing through three […]

How Do You Do?

Hiya Modie, Sorry for the lack of response to your last post. It’s been a busy Juan-uary, kicking off the 2014 Awards Season and embracing the booty and all. And since you last compared me to Tina Fey, I’ve also been desperately trying to break a hundred dollar bill. Desperately. While I do want to […]

Why Can’t I Write Anything to You?

Ms. Fey, I was in Barnes & Noble today and highly recommend the newest issue of Women’s Health. The cover story would help you with one of your New Year’s resolutions: Best. Butt. Ever. Now, I did not open said magazine, but I would presume that the contents could help you embrace the booty (I […]

Another Thing…

Modellsky2K14, I forgot one more thing! My fourth, and potentially most important, New Year’s resolution is that I am going to embrace the booty! It’s a long story, but I think it’s time. According to TMZ, teal is a good color to accentuate the rump. I don’t know if I’m there yet (I also don’t […]

A 2014 Resolution

Gwen, I have not fallen down a hole, been detained at the border, been a victim of the Zombie apocalypse or had my hands cut off. I have just been distracted of late and much to my dismay, I have fallen way behind on my brief missives to you and for some reason, the one […]

Auld Lang Syne

Happy New Year Modellian! I hope this post finds you well and the competitive streak is pleased with myself that I got our first post in of the 2014. The anxious nurturer in me, however, is slightly concerned that you may have fallen in a well and are unable to get out or that you […]