Good Morning Modellian, Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day (belatedly). So I think they have computers in Canada, eh? It’s not called the World Wide Web for nothing. Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers Mate, Drunk Auntie

Sugarplums and Whatnot

Well Diabetes Modellitus, That is really depressing. I’m sorry for suggesting a mediocre book. I hope you learned your lesson to never listen to me ever particularly when it comes to such things as literature and art and culture. Blame the left brain in me (I’m still on that–I know it’s been three weeks). But […]

Saturday Night Fever

Ms. Pinocchio, It absolutely, positively was you who recommended The History of Love to me. Why am I so sure? Because this recommendation happened even prior to the infancy of our friendship, when you were nothing more than one of our Korean Jew’s “cool friends,” which, as you know, meant that I looked at you […]

Say What Now?

Hold On There Modellian,    What Nicole Krauss novel did I recommend? History of Love? Hell no. That was not me. Maybe it was someone else on one of your email groups or alternate brunch clubs. History of Love was completely mediocre, and frankly I don’t even think I finished it. In fact, for a long […]

The Days Be Foggy Now

The Dish, I am sorry to have abandoned you in the blogosphere. That’s the last thing I wanted, but given that I passed out last night at 11pm, you can imagine that my body is not being very cooperative right now. No matter how hard I will myself to be well, an uncontrollable coughing fit […]

Friday, Friday, You Can Be My Friday…

Welcome Back Mo’ Sick Mo’ Problems, Thank you for writing! It was getting a little lonely out here in the blogosphere. In the last week, I’ve started three different pieces, but they are still sitting as long-winded drafts in my email (that’s where I keep them, which is pretty arcane and amateur. I had a […]

The Waiting for Godot Syndrome

Ms. Kaling’s Sidekick, Why, you may be wondering, has it been so long since last I graced you with a missive? Well, for one thing, work has become busy (which, as you know is code for “I can’t wait to tell you at Brunch Club how insanely awful people can be to one another”) and […]