Things I Am Thankful For…

Hey Ho Modo, It’s the day before Thanksgiving. It turns out that the most excellent story I was going to tell about Thanksgiving and winning a free turkey, I have already told. On April 26, 2013 (for some reason I can’t link to it). It was my 21st post. We sure as hell wrote a […]

What’s The Situation, Kenneth?

Dear Modellairplane, I am a big fan of the short story, mostly because I think it satisfies my attention-deficient and hyperactive mind. I believe that I have mentioned this before but the Interpreter of Maladies, by tip-conscious Jhumpa Lahiri is one of my most favorite pieces of writing ever. That opening story– damn, it’s good. […]

Oh How We Have Changed

Ms. Birkenshaw, While I like texting, I frankly hate all of the frustrations that come with it. “Responsiveness” is one of the key things that they drill into me at work. If you just started at my place of employment, the one thing that you can do well, and the list of such things is […]

Rules of Engagement

Hey M, We’ve done little to talk about dating in the modern age, perhaps because one of us is in a relationship and the other one continually makes bad decisions in life and has become increasingly hermetic instead of embracing the world-as-your-oyster outlook on life. Since I’m not one to criticize others, can we guess […]

Birfday Realness

To My Dearest Modellian, Happy happy to you! I know you are not one for birthdays, but I figure in lieu of a generic Facebook post that I would send you a note here. It’s a lovely venue. I hope 31 is filled with delicious brunches and bizarre adventures and mozzarella chicken fingers and spicy […]

Tell Me More

Hey Modellaki, Thank you for the suggestions. Perhaps the persona who I will embody is Ms. Olivia Pope, as she is an excellent orator in her own right, some how manages to never spill red wine on her white clothes, and doesn’t ever seem to get tired or mess up her hair. Yes, this is […]

“What Happened? Blacked out.”

Ms. Sunday, I too dislike speaking in public. When I was in middle school, there was something called the Breakfast Club, where every Friday (maybe every other Friday), we showed up to school early with our breakfasts and watched students debate various topics (and while it was a “club” like any other, it was sort […]

A Thursday List of Things I Miss

Future Brooklyn Half Marathoner, It’s Thursday and it’s been awhile since last I wrote to you. I got halfway through a post about a writer who I think has been as maligned as Stephen King was in his early days, but will soon be appreciated and talked about with the same kind of respect that […]