Tales From The Crypt

Happy Halloween Modo! Sorry for my absence. I don’t really have a good excuse except that I’ve been super stressed out at work and the battery on my phone has gone to shit and I’m suffering from an acute case of tendinitis (i.e., texting thumb) and I’ve been in weird hibernation mode and basically the […]

Rings of Fat

Carrie Mathison, This will be a brief entry because I am still coughing after an NY Urban basketball game. Apparently my lungs are no longer able to sustain consistent sprinting down the court. I spent much of my time on the sideline doing my best to catch my breath. I imagine that when I wake […]

Like Did He Have A Car?

Hello There Negro Modello, I really, really don’t understand this Comic Con phenomenon, where it came from, who organizes it, what cosplay is, how much money you actually spent, what you do while you’re there, what the difference between San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con is, if you have ever been to […]

I Always Miss the Coolest Things

Brooklyn Hermit, This started as the first of a four-part recap of the 4 most important days of the year, but as has often been the case, I get easily sidetracked and then by the time it comes to blogging about something, I’m already thinking about something else (think my 3 part Magic: The Gathering […]

Actually 30

Hey Modo, Thanks for the birthday shout out. I have insomnia which is clearly a sign of old age. It’s before 7am on a Sunday, on the 30th anniversary of my birth, and I’m lying here like a sack of russet potatoes. Anyway, This is 40 is super depressing. I saw it on the plane […]

Almost 30?

Woo(kie), So in two days, you will be in your next decade. Let’s insert a pregnant pause to appreciate the sheer weight of that fact/accomplishment/milestone/event.Remember when people (like Jay-Z) said 30 is the new 20? Then Samantha in the Sex and the City movie said 40 is the new 30? What it really comes down […]