I Hope Karma Has Teeth

Ms. Cyclist, I am speechless after hearing about your loss. OK, I’m the opposite of speechless, but none of those things are appropriate to write here. Much better to write those things to you via email or over a text (or simply yell over a phone call; one of my bosses constantly tells us that […]

Train Errors=Terrors

Hello Model-UN-Lian, I feel like offensive train behavior is a common theme between us, and frankly, I don’t write that off to repetition or trite-tivity. No, I think it’s just a general reaction to living in a crazily overcrowded city with an excellent mass transit system. My friend invited me to an “event” in Tom’s […]

Human Nature or Just Bad Manners?

Ms. Ryan Bingham, Ever since I was a kid, I hated scary movies. Refused to watch them, though there are certain instances where I did not have a choice like at a friend’s birthday party when we all slept over and watched the Candyman. I did my best to be brave, but I remember that […]

The Narc

Why Hello There Stranger Danger Modellian Manger, Today I think I got someone fired. No, wait, let me correct myself: I hope I got someone fired. While I can be sassy like the best of them, I’m generally a pretty passive, eager to please, non-confrontational individual. The problem with being a pretty passive, eager to […]


Ms. Milestone, I waited for a few days for you to put up another entry to start off the next 100 entries on our wee little blog, but realized that you, being the polite blogger that you are, were probably waiting for a response. Unfortunately, coming up with a list of anything greater than 5 […]