There and Back Again

Gandalf, I am currently on the train back from DC, exhausted even after taking a one-hour nap earlier this afternoon. The train seems to be moving very slowly today, but that may be a function of my desire to get back home to my apartment as soon as possible. While I had a great time […]

Getting Out of Dodge

Garth, I am currently on a train hurtling–ok, moving at a somewhat constant pace . . . ok, moving at a constant pace for brief stretches between the decelerating, full-stopping and accelerating that comes with traveling by train–towards DC for a wedding. While this form of travel is technically not as fast as flying, it […]

Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)

Hey Anthony Modellian Hall, Settle down, now. I did not sign a non-disclosure agreement on Brunch Club. Funny thing is, I didn’t even end up meeting my sidepiece because my friend, who isn’t even Muslim, chooses every year to celebrate… er, practice… er, honor… er, torture himself… er, partake in, er… observe– yes, observe, as […]

Conference Call Dreaming and Random Rants

Ms. Ringwald, You betrayer of all that is holy (i.e. Brunch Club). How can you have a second Brunch Club? You remind me of one of those people that has two separate families, one hidden from the other? Did Carrie have two Miranda’s, two Charlotte’s and two Samantha’s? It would have been unimaginable. And yet, […]

Summer Concert Series

Mod-est Mouse, In the last two weeks, I’ve been to two polar-opposite concerts that I thought would be worth discussing here. The first, a Furthur concert, which is, I think, a Grateful Dead reunion band, was totally bizarre and one of the weirder experiences of this past year and perhaps in the Top Twenty of […]

Hump Day! Joy for Jump!

Captain Subtlety, I know it’s my “shtick” because like all questions, the Google has the answers, but I’ll ask and hypothesize about it anyway—where did the term “Hump Day” come from? I hope that the answer is not the obvious one, which I won’t bore you with here. Maybe the word Wednesday has a particular […]