Archie is Legit

Betty Cooper, No, Archie is not lame, but rather an American institution, one as integral to a child’s introduction to reading as fairy tales. It is ironic that you bring up Archie given that one of the employees at Midtown Comics had chosen as her “Pick of the Week” the latest issue of Archie because […]

Amateur Hour

Dell, Happy Comic Book Day! I had no idea that the comic book industry was thriving and that there were still legitimate brick and mortar establishments where you could get your weekly fill (sounds like that mayor of yours who’s been hitting the pipe). The only comic I ever read was Archie. I’m sure you’re […]

She Watches Televison: The Bachelorette

Modo! The Bachelorette is back! Somehow I had no idea this was happening, and I am semi-conflicted because I really wanted to watch the Voice tonight (Go Michelle! #teamusher), but I haven’t missed a Bachelorette premiere in years. These are the times I wish I had DVR. Or a life. Or both? I’m usually more […]

Memories, Like the Corner of My Mind…

Hello Modellian, Happy Memorial Day! This is a holiday I am somewhat confused about– particularly, how is it different than Veterans’ Day?– but I appreciate the day off and an excuse to wear a nautical-inspired outfit and speak French (yes, this is what I have been doing today). I’m sorry for being MIA this week. […]

5 Literary Journals We Love

1. Alimentum (A literary journal about food? Yes, we know that Lucky Peach, David Chang’s self-indulgent foodie-hipster literary magazine is probably the best thing in print these days next to The New Yorker, but that’s not to say that people should not appreciate other similarly fantastic literary journals about food. Read and prepare to get […]

Happiness is Winning Millions

Bridget, There is little to nothing that one cannot find on the Google. Obscure references are a thing of the past because there is nothing that someone out there has not posted about at least once. If someone can discover state secrets online, I think I can find each of your obscure name references. It’s […]

7 Questions To Heaven

Warden Gentles, Did you know that “gentling” in my second fantasy series of all time “The Wheel of Time” was the process by which a man was cut off from Saidin, which is the male form of the True Source. It allowed men the ability to do magical things. That’s my fun fact of the […]

Mr. Potato Head and Whatnot

Modo, I read recently that scientists have discovered something called the Couch Potato Gene. Scientists. Like they are tucked away in a cold, fluorescent lab, with Petrie dishes and bespectacled fellows in white coats and colored graphs and charts of double helixes. I went to this Halloween party in Boston once. I hate Halloween, and […]

Fever Pitch: Lotto Edition

Hello again Dell, I have played the lottery twice in my life, but this was not of my own doing. I was caught up in the hysteria of coworkers and friends and roommates when the Megaball or Powerball or Jumbo Jackpot reached hundreds of millions of dollars. I got my first real job the summer […]