Tuesday Musings

Dear Food Stand Woman, 1. I cannot answer why you use big spoons more than any other utensil, but I can certainly explain why that is the case for me. The most obvious reason is that I eat a lot of cereal. For me, cereal is not something limited to breakfast, but rather makes for […]

Paper Bags and Sore Backs

Green Hornet, I have not been kidnapped, only working too many hours, which make it very difficult to post responses to your lyrical posts. You obviously do not visit TJ’s all that often if you were taken aback by the paper v. plastic question. Yes, they do indeed have plastic bags, but I have never […]

This Week In Food

Mode, This was a big week in food for me. I am still thinking about some awesome name for our Brunch Club by the way, but I really think that you should go ahead and make us cool pins. Though we weren’t friends for my Jack Bauer Birthday, I will try to see if I […]

TJ’s: A Response

Hi Modellian, I was starting to think that you may have been kidnapped, but I am happy to confirm that you are not. This is good. “Afrobarometer” is an intimidating word. I am now liveblogging from Trader Joe’s. I snuck out of work early, armed with a list, here on a Friday afternoon which I […]

The Boot and Rally

Ms. Hatchet Job, Ice breakers and similar group-bonding type activities have been a source of immense stress for me all my life. The idea that you would have to create/manufacture a great first impression in the confines of a silly exercise always brought on heart palpitations (similar interview questions such as “If you were a […]

Last Meals (I’m Hungry)

Buenas dias Mode de Llian, I have varying thoughts about ice breakers. Having never been to summer camp and always a terribly shy child, I used to hate them. I’d have a brain freeze with the one where you have to say your name and an adjective that describes you, and I’d get panicky and […]

Bad Habits

Dearest Modo, I am confessing this here only because I feel like you won’t judge me but also because I just sinned and feel the need to get it off my chest. Based off of your last entry, you also seem like you are in a great, agreeable mood, with ample admiration for your coworkers […]

En Attendant Godot

Ms. Rodman,             I agree with almost everything in your list. My only revisions/additions would be as follows: While walking with purpose is highly recommended almost all of the time, sometimes you will need to vary your walk so that others within your job/organization do not catch on. I recommend taking out your blackberry or […]

Keeping Busy

Dear Corner Office, I have this coworker who is a freaking genius. She is tall and pretty and barely does any work despite maintaining a job and making a good living (don’t even get me started on unions), and I’m sure that her tallness and prettiness have gotten her a lot farther than my stocky, […]